• Development of new Documents related to acquisition and uses of Funds by Islamic Banks.

In KSI, our experts have experience in developing all the documents that lead to the conversion of some conventional banks into Islamic Banks. Some of these documents are legal (Sharia compliant) that initiates the relation of the Islamic banks with its clients in term of both acquisition and uses of funds (i.e. it includes the Agreements for the opening of current accounts, saving accounts and investment accounts).

The documents also include all the necessary procedures and manuals needed to execute the operation of these accounts.

• Development of complete set of Manuals and procedures.

We prepare all the manuals and procedures related to the opening and operating current accounts, saving accounts, and investment accounts.

The manuals and procedures also include the provision of debts to clients, whether corporate or individual financing. Each mode of financing will have its own manual and set of procedures. The provision of personal loans, car financing, house financing or any other type of financing facility or credit card should have its own manual and procedure.

• Setting of policies and procedures.

The Islamic bank policies related to the provision of financing services and facilities and the procedures for the execution of these policies should be set as part of the necessary documents for the establishment of Islamic banks.

• Preparation of staff and manpower.

The selection of the right staff is equally necessary for the success of newly established Islamic banks. Our experts can assist in the selection of the staff for the bank and the necessary training programs that the staff may need to join.