Legal & Admin Services


Our legal experts assist in the setting up of a business in Bahrain. Our legal and admin team members have a long time career in the region and use this knowledge to guide businesses in the best way to operate in Bahrain.

Our team will provide a check-list of the documents required by regulatory authorities to start the setting up process. We also assist in the preparation and translation of the required legal documentation. This includes the formulation of legal documents and contracts which are required for all companies setting up a business in Bahrain. Our professionals liaise with regulatory authorities on our clients’ behalf at every step of the way to obtain all of the necessary approvals and licenses.

Our cooperation with The Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution (BCDR-AAA) in analyzing and reporting on commercial disputes enhanced our legal legislative capabilities
In addition, we are appointed as an accounting experts by the office of public registrar office in the Ministry of Justice in Bahrain.

Our approach is based on the concept of fitting our clients’ needs in full within the legislative framework of the environment they operate in. Additionally, a team consisting of lawyers with extensive legal experience providing the following services:

1- Legal Consultancy: designed to provide full legal support to the client with legal services in all areas of law relevant to client’s business and activities requirements;

2-Registration: our legal expertise and practical experience serves as the best aid in registering of a new company/organization or   re-registering an existing entity;

3- Contracts: our legal professionals assist clients in negotiating and drafting of contracts and legal agreements providing solid legal grounds for all types of business transactions and covering all areas of client’s concern;

4- Legal due-diligence: our legal professionals conduct a thorough legal study to ensure full compliance of a matter of concern with the client’s requirements.