We offer internal audit to clients on a fully outsourced or co-sourced model.

Those performing in-house controls assurance activity, be they internal audit or a management control function, are often hard pressed to possess all the technical and business expertise needed to effectively review business controls. The pace of development and complexity in areas like technology and compliance make it very unlikely that an in-house team with finite resources will have the skills they need to generate adequate assurance in every case. We offer a pool of specialist technical resources from which a business can draw to meet their needs. As this support is only there when it is required it is a cost-effective way of filling internal skills gaps.

We are also committed to developing client capability and will aim to pass knowledge on to clients’ own staff so the dependency on external help can be reduced.

We offer our clients the following services:


Internal audit on an outsourced or co-sourced partnership basis:

1. Outsourced:       

– Technical support

– Input into risk framework register

– Build the audit plan

– Perform all aspects of testing including continuous monitoring reporting and follow up of actions plans

– Attend audit committees

– Liaise with external auditors and other third parties

2. Co-sourced:

– Supply highly skilled staff to supplement the client’s existing audit team as business needs arise. Typically this falls into four areas.

Specific industry knowledge or the technical skill set of one of our subject matter experts

– Both require regular update meetings with client management

– Coaching and mentoring staff

Specialist audits covering all aspects of technology, risk, compliance, finance and business operations

– Computer-assisted audit techniques

– Program and Project assurance and change audits

– Effectiveness reviews of internal audit methodology, policies and procedures

Training and methodology development support to improve the performance and productivity of in-house internal audit departments

– All aspects of training and mentoring client staff

– Specialist technical areas of training such as information technology audit

– Build bespoke audit methodology that best suits the size and type of client organization

– Run workshops on subjects such as FCA hot topics, new regulations and emerging industry issues

IT Health Checks

– Review IT strategy

– Pre-project assurance review

– Ongoing assessment

– Post-implementation review

– Methodology review

– IT performance

– Regulatory and legal requirements